Security for Critical Infrastructure Protection

Security cannot be an afterthought, it must be an integral component of your system architecture from the ground up, and it should be a vital pedigree of your solution architecture.

Real-time control systems are used routinely for remote monitoring and control in the delivery of essential services such as electricity, natural gas, water, waste treatment and transportation. This makes SCADA systems an integral part of a nation's critical infrastructure. Their unhindered operation is crucial to the continuity of your business, reliability of your operation and the profitability of your enterprise.

In today's integrated world of cyber systems necessitated by total enterprise integration, your SCADA system can be vulnerable to internal and external threats and malicious attempts to compromise its integrity. By isolating your system behind a firewall, or limiting its connection to the external world, you may achieve a minimum level of security, but not an absolute one.

The monarch™ architecture employs a multi-level security strategy at all levels of the architecture. All mandated and recommended cyber security "best practices" by the IT industry as well as specific requirements mandated by the government and regulatory cyber security bodies such as NERC/NIST are carefully designed and baked into the architecture. The monarch architecture is deployed throughout the world in very secure operations and is continually subjected to independent security audits by third parties, our clients and national laboratories to validate its security integrity.

We have more clients using our solutions under NERC CIP regulatory requirements than any other industry solution. Our clients enjoy the highest degree of satisfaction related to the technical compliance of our solutions and the services and training they receive on Cyber Security related areas facilitating their regulatory compliance.